Accelerated M&A process

In these most challenging of times fundamentally sound companies could find themselves financially stressed. In these circumstances some owners may find a sale could be the only way to repay stakeholders and perhaps even recover some value for themselves.

An Accelerated M&A process, often referred to as an ‘AMA process’ or ‘distressed M&A process’, can offer a solution to realise value for shareholders or creditors without damaging an underlying business.  Timescales can vary but often the process is a matter of weeks rather than months – and in the most extreme situations can be a matter of days.

Accelerated M&A can also maximise the value from group insolvency, where there is a troubled or non-core division or subsidiary, through mitigating the costs associated with ongoing trading and reducing the level of management time required to manage an under performing business to realise the value.

Delivering optimal solutions

With over 30 years’ experience in selling businesses we are focussed on getting the best possible outcome for our clients. In these difficult circumstances our expert team of advisors understand the importance of building strong relationships and managing stakeholders assuredly through the accelerated process to deliver optimal solutions.

We partner with Insolvency Practitioners where a subsidiary or division needs specialist assistance to deliver maximum value fast.

Speed is of the essence

From the early stages, we work with the various stakeholders (equity, debt, management, suppliers etc.,) to provide vital information and deliver it quickly to potential buyers to enable them to make fast decisions.

Being swift to act in an accelerated process also minimises the risk that the business’s problems become public knowledge, undermining value preservation.

Where we can help:

  • Business and asset sale
  • Refinancing
  • Fundraising
  • Global reach – through our integrated partnership with Oaklins

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