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Options. The more you have available, the better you can see where opportunity lies. Getting a business in the position where you know the sale will be strong shouldn’t be tedious, or feel like you have to jump through hoops.

The dual track process towards the end goal needs to be one and the same when weighing your options. You never want to feel like those looking at IPO options are trying to pull your company in one direction, while those investigating private options are going in the complete opposite way.

By having everyone understand the end goal and on the same page when it comes to analysing opportunity, Dual Track is a truly unique service that is helping companies make smarter decisions.

What is Dual Track?

Dual Track is a service we provide which has seen clients avoid common obstacles of the private sale/IPO process and get a clearer path towards completion by truly weighing the options currently available.

As your adviser, we can stay flexible throughout the Dual Track process. There is no need for you to pick your path until you’ve made the decision that’s right for your business.


What are the benefits of choosing Dual Track?

Dual tracks has multiple benefits, including:

  •       Breath of advice from our experts
  •       Better scope of what options are out there
  •       Understanding where better opportunities lie
  •       Discovering sale options that may not be apparent immediately
  •       Seeing whether your initial ideas have the traction you hoped


What makes Dual Track unique?

For us, Dual Track represents a big point of difference. There are few other financial advisory firms that offer Dual Track. There are fewer still that have on their team the same range of talent, able to fully explore both the outcomes of floating and selling with complete impartiality.

Using this way of thinking, we can run the IPO and trade sale services in tandem. It gives business leaders the benefit of choice and flexibility, helping them to see where differences from both options exist and how some aspects you’ve been touted could be overestimated.

There is no obligation to pick your path until you’re ready to make a decision that you think is right for you.


Is Dual Track suitable for every company?

Dual Track is incredibly useful for a company that is looking for a large level of growth.

Not every company will want to take the route towards an IPO; in fact the majority of companies in the UK still sell privately.

For anyone in this frame of mind right now, we would recommend taking a look at our sell-side advisory capabilities.


Is going for an IPO risky?

Not at all. The main reason many companies will eschew the IPO option, or even consider looking into it, is purely from a lack of expertise in that area. This is an area where Cavendish can essentially “fill in the blanks” by using Dual Track to help you see what options are out there.


An IPO is the best way to go for some; not all

One of the main benefits of using Dual Track works conversely when a company is maybe dead set on thinking IPO is the only option. We have successfully used this method to help companies see that a private sale will work more in their favour, rather than proceeding down the IPO route.

A company may benefit more staying private when they’re looking for consistent growth at a steady pace over a long period rather than an aggressive and intense short growth spurt.


An option that provides transparency

A vital benefit of the Dual Track process is the ability to keep everything in motion with a certain degree of confidentiality.

We’ve seen example of companies that come out to declare they’re preparing for an IPO, only to flip that decision (and vice versa). This never reflects well on the company. With the one-two punch provided by looking at these avenues in one place, there is a limited risk of making mistakes while gearing up for whichever option you decide upon.

Why choose Cavendish and finnCap Group for Dual Track?

  • Award-winning public market expertise coupled with sell-side expertise
  • Collegiate approach that puts the client’s interests first
  • Cost efficiency, impartiality and shared intelligence

Dual Track is provided for both private equity-backed companies and entrepreneurs. Quite simply, it gives you options to explore a potential IPO, or future trade sale, when you might not have previously considered it.

finnCap Group leverages the respective exit expertise of finnCap and Cavendish, in equity fundraising, IPO advisory and sell-side M&A processes to bring a near frictionless and impartial dual track process. By running the IPO and sale processes in parallel, we consolidate the costs of and time spent on each and ensure that your business is marketed as broadly as possible.

There are few other firms that can do this to the extent of our combined expertise. Ours is a collegiate approach. Rather than two competitors vying for control, we are partners collaborating to achieve the best result for our client. Dual Track gives you the freedom to explore a future for your company you may not have even thought possible.

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