Personal shoppers: How the consumer sector is repositioning for the future

As we approach a potential easing of the lockdown, people are beginning to look at their way of life and asking quite fundamental questions about how we do things. What has this taught us? Is there a better way of doing things, from the way we work, the way we live and the way we eat?

Looking at the impact within the consumer and retail sectors may provide some clues on what the long term trends may be.

Jonathan Buxton, Partner and Head of Consumer, comments: “The UK lockdown has given some parts of the ecommerce market a massive boost, resulting in the sort of LTV:CAC ratios that digital marketers could hitherto only dream of and, in many cases, bringing forward profitability and positive cash flows. We believe that the coming months will be a window for many digital brands to consolidate these gains, either by more aggressive funding or by partnering with strategic investors.”

Shorter term behavioural change has of course been driven by lockdown limitations and need for activity substitution, but it is reflective of grander, more fundamental shifts in how businesses and consumers interact.

Whilst direct to consumer (DTC), ecommerce businesses aren’t new, their variety is greater than ever before.

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