Right person, right time | Why talent management is crucial right now

finnCap Group is partnered with VÖR International, a firm at the forefront of truly holistic talent management.  VÖR International supports businesses in accessing high quality talent at either CEO or C-Suite level, to provide strategists that think outside the box, get to the heart of client companies’ future strategic plans and drive growth. In this article, co-authored by our partners at VÖR International, we look at how talent is a vital consideration in what is currently a critical time.

Leaving lockdown has been a pertinent time for management teams. Businesses have found themselves in a variety of scenarios that they probably hadn’t considered before. Many reverted to survival mode, focused on cashflow; some were treading water; others found new ways to thrive.

With that in mind, now is the right time for the right person to lead the charge.

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