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Our latest article provides some valuable insights with about selling companies in different sectors.

Each sector has its own range of EBITDA multiples, which determine the typical selling prices for companies within that sector. The position of a company within this range is influenced by a set of key value drivers, some of which apply universally across sectors, while others are specific to certain industries.

To achieve the highest possible value for your company within its sector, it’s important to assess its current standing in relation to these key value drivers well before initiating a sale process. By doing so, you can identify the necessary steps to ensure your company excels in each of these areas before launching the sale. It’s crucial to create an action plan with a well-defined timetable to execute the identified strategies effectively.

Our main objective is to help you unlock your company’s full potential and guide you towards a successful sale. By looking at these key value drivers, you can develop a customised plan that maximizes the value of your company if you decide to sell.

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