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Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP, is pleased to announce the sale of Lightech, a privately held, advanced lighting power supplies company based near Tel Aviv, Israel, to GE Lighting for an undisclosed amount.

Lightech, which was established in 1996 and currently employs 40 staff, specialises in providing LED electronic drivers and halogen transformers to the lighting industry, with operations across the globe. Lightech joins GE Lighting, a business that employs nearly 17,000 employees around the world, engaged in all aspects of lighting technology, research and development, engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution to build on its strength in power supply design and system optimization. The addition of engineering capability enables GE to respond to the market need for complete systems and higher-performance drivers and control. In addition to building its own systems, GE will build on Lightech’s market presence with OEMs.

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