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Sentenial Group & Nuapay | EML Payments

finnCap Cavendish, part of financial advisory firm finnCap Group plc, is pleased to announce it has advised on the sale of Sentenial Group and its open banking brand Nuapay, a leading end-to-end payments platform specialised in account-2-account transactions, to EML Payments, an Australian-listed payments technology company for €108 million.

Through its regulated subsidiary Nuapay, Sentenial operates in the fast-growing European-open banking sector. The Group powers a complete set of payments for credit transfers, direct debits, instant payments and open banking. Over €44 billion worth of transactions is processed annually across 37 countries, with some €1/4 trillion processed to date.

Under the Sentenial brand, the Group’s original SaaS business model provides white-label use of its payment processing technology to banks and corporates. Nuapay combines Sentenial’s bank-grade payments platform with regulated services in a next-generation alternative payments and open banking solution.

With open banking set to fundamentally change the way we move money over the next decade, the EML – Nuapay product proposition combines open banking data enrichment with instant account payment capability to create a modern friction-free digital user experience.

The deal will see EML acquire 100% of Sentential to form EML Nuapay.

Ben Goldring, Director & Head of Financial Services at Cavendish, commented:

“It has been a pleasure working with Sean, Brian, Nick and the team at Sentenial and Nuapay. They have built a leading fintech group with bank-grade payments and an open banking platform built for the future. The online payments sector is fast-moving and highly active, and I’m hugely excited to build on Cavendish’s considerable experience in this space with this landmark transaction.”

Tom Cregan, CEO of EML Payments said:

“By combining Sentenial and EML’s capabilities we will create a world-first platform, offering customers the ability to send and receive real-time bank account payments and transactional banking data, and establishing EML as a full-service payments business.”

Key Contacts

Ben Goldring

Partner & Head of Financial Services

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Paris McNicol-Outch

Associate Director

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